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Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development has never been more relevant, and skilled leaders are in demand. The Professional Development Academy has custom curriculums to address specific leadership needs and transfer knowledge and proven expertise from the C-suite to frontline leaders. Our online programs help maximize employee potential to gain a competitive edge.

High Performance Leadership

A 12-week mentorship based program with content provided by industry leading executives. This program provides best practices in leadership, organizational development and change management, negotiation and collaboration, effective business communication, and delivering value within high performance management.


Frontline and mid-level leadership roles across the enterprise and high potential individual contributors.

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Enterprise Cybersecurity

A 12-week mentorship based collaborative readiness program led by Fortune 500 CISOs and peers who deliver their proven frameworks and insights on how to lead and secure a network and an organization – protecting data assets and the enterprise brand. This program coaches participants on what it means to think and act as a cybersecurity leader.


Information, Cyber, Risk, and Privacy leaders or other roles involved in supporting enterprise security.

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Leading the Digital Transformation

Success in the Digital Age is about using digital technologies to create new—or modify existing— products, services, and customer experiences. In this 6-week course we will explain the trends creating our digital landscape, detail proven strategies to survive the complexities of a digital transformation, and we provide step-by-step guidance on what actions you need to take to ensure success as you engage in the continual change that is digital transformation.


Frontline and mid-level IT Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Project Managers, Program Managers, and Business Analysts focused on IT projects who are looking to build leadership confidence and capability.

Download the Leading the Digital Transformation program overview

Maximizing Your Personal Brand

This course was designed in collaboration with Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 executive coach in the world and one of the most notable management and business thinkers of our time. This program leverages insights, perspectives, and practices from his books, articles, blogs, videos, and interviews. The focus of this program is on you. Specifically, the program activities within each module will equip you to manage your engagement so you can maximize your brand.


Anyone looking to get better and get ready for what’s next, but especially soon-to-be college graduates and high potential individual contributors looking to move up and who want to learn from top executives and leaders of great teams.

Download the Maximizing Your Personal Brand program overview

Leading in Analytics

This is a unique 8-week leadership program. It provides lessons and insights from industry leading executives, professors from top universities, and subject matter experts who convert data into decisions that, in turn, create higher levels of operational efficiency, organizational effectiveness, and business value. These experts, along with your online Leadership Coach, provide virtual mentoring on the best ways to identify and overcome the challenges of analytics to harness data as an asset that can address the increasingly complex environments leaders navigate today.

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Advancing Leadership in Government

To advance leadership succession and readiness in government, the National Association of Counties has collaborated with the Professional Development Academy. Together we offer a High Performance Leadership program, an Enterprise Cybersecurity program, and others. All programs are available to NACo member employees at substantially discounted rates. Each leadership program provides expert content from industry leading executives, professional coaches, and world-renowned academic faculty.


Leaders of people responsible for delivering services and managing projects, programs, and products. These are frontline and mid-level leaders working in your county. Additionally, high potential individual contributors would benefit greatly from these programs.

Download the NACo High Performance Leadership program overview

Download the NACo Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership program overview

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The Benefits are Substantial

For Organizations


The faculty is a combination of CXOs and former CXOs, professors from renowned business schools and leadership icons.


The academy is significantly less expensive than an MBA degree – allowing leaders throughout the organization access to world-class development.


Participants and their supervising managers have provided glowing reviews of the program and how it’s changing their organizations.

For Frontline Leaders


It’s designed by C-suite leaders, so you can learn exactly what you need to succeed. And you’ll learn alongside a community of peers.


The online social learning is flexible to allow for demanding schedules, yet structured to encourage continual progress.


It’s designed for busy professionals, because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your job responsibilities to improve your leadership capabilities.

The results are unprecedented!

The Professional Development Academy programs are intentionally designed in learning bursts and delivered through a practitioner-focused guided learning journey to develop the most critical leadership capabilities. We develop professionals to their highest potential and maximize efficiency to create the fastest return on learning possible.

I don't know of anything else like this on the market.

- Dale Danilewitz, EVP & CIO Amerisorcebergen

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to address the most pressing issue of our day – to develop frontline leaders to their fullest potential.

We focus on developing the leadership capability of the frontline because they are the most important leaders in any organization. They make up 60% of any company’s management rank and directly supervise 80% of the workforce. They are also, the least prepared to succeed. Over three-quarters of executives believe their frontline managers do not receive sufficient tools and training to develop into highly effective leaders and that same group of executives believes this negatively impacts performance.

When we make frontline leaders better, we positively impact performance. When frontline leaders improve, their teams become more dynamic, their companies create greater value to those in the communities in which they serve, and those frontline individuals leading the way, well, they realize their fullest leadership potential as people.

The Professional Development Academy is a transformational leadership program that has proven to be the most scalable, cost effective, and efficient way to make your leaders better.”

- General Colin Powell, Diplomat, Author, global thought leader

Testimonials from participants and supervising managers

“The participant engagement and completion rate in this program is unparalleled.”

- Jon McNaughtan, Texas Tech

“Several of our most promising frontline managers were among the first to enroll. We have seen immediate value from their participation.”

- Wes Hargrove, SVP & CIO, 7-Eleven

“The relevance of the material is the best. We can apply it immediately.”

- Yvonne Otero, Manager of Research, Schneider National

“The content provides us a leadership field manual.”

- Chris Gootee, IT Program Manager, Baptist Healthcare

“The topics and ideas covered are as applicable in business as they are in life. Great experience!”

- Karin Luck, Services Manager, Altria

“This is the single best professional development training we have received in the past decade. I have witnessed transformations in myself as well as my co-workers.”

- Keith Albert, Chief, IT & PMO, Ohio Dept of Public Safety

This is just a sampling of some companies benefiting from enrolling their leaders in the Professional Development Academy